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Nova Scotia’s Culture

The Mi’kmaq are native to this rugged, sea-swept peninsula. Their art, music, language and spirituality are just a drum beat away. The spirit of l’Acadie also echoes deep in our culture, a legacy of the intrepid French settlers who first claimed Nova Scotia as their home in the seventeenth century.

The French were followed, not always harmoniously, by the British, who brought over tens of thousands of Gaelic-speaking settlers from Ireland and Scotland. Later came New England planters, Black Loyalists leaving the U.S. after the War of Independence, the Maroons of Jamaica… all contributing to Nova Scotia’s distinctive voice and character.

Our culture is written in the lives of our people. It’s also written in our stage plays, movies, and music. And artisans craft unique expressions of their art, inspired by our history, cultures and natural landscapes.

Experience Nova Scotia Culture