12th Annual Membertou Powwow


111 Membertou Street


Fleur-de-lis/Marconi/Metro CB

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Janine Christmas

T: 902-564-6466

T: 1-800-617-6466

E: membertoupowwow@gmail.com


September 4th, 2014 to September 7th, 2014


Historically, powwows are Aboriginal gatherings that occur at various times throughout the year for hunting, planting, review family, clan and tribal ties that forge marital, social and political alliances. Today, community powwows are usually hosted once a year and are considered more of a social and inter-tribal event. This year's agenda involves cultural expression in music and dance along with planned activities such as: Elder's teachings, traditional community feast, drumming, dancing, basket-making, and spiritual ceremonies that will bring people together in harmony and celebration of cultural pride. Powwows have evolved into a venue where local Mi’kmaq performance artists have the opportunity to showcase their talents among peers and with members of the non-native community. Everyone is welcome.

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