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Breweries and Distilleries


If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting Nova Scotia and have spent an afternoon on a deck or an evening dancing the night away to a local band, you know this familiar greeting is always traditionally followed with a drink of a favourite Nova Scotian beverage. Here in Nova Scotia, a province known for lively tales of its rum-running past and for having a capital city with the most pubs per capita in Canada, you will be delighted to discover our many outstanding microbreweries and award-winning distilleries.

Alexander Keith’s Brewery

Opened in 1820, Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale remains a popular beer in Nova Scotia, and the top specialty beer in Canada. Alexander Keith was one of Halifax’s most influential citizens, and was even the mayor of the city… three times.

Today, you can visit the original brewery on the Halifax Waterfront where animators in period costume take visitors on a story-filled tour of the brewery that fittingly ends in the original taproom, complete with a frosty pint.

Craft Breweries

Over the past number of years, local Nova Scotian micro and craft breweries have exploded onto the beer scene and can be found on tap throughout the province in many a brew pub.

To the India pale ales, lagers, pilsners and stouts, add spruce, maple, jalapeno, pumpkin and vanilla beers to the drinks list.

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Brew Pubs

Brew pubs offer the best of both worlds: local food and local drink in one location.

Our brew pubs offer you the finest Nova Scotia products from our land and sea paired with delicious craft beer in a lively pub environment. Try a sampler with your lunch, or order a glass of your favourite beer with your seafood chowder and get ready to stay for the evening. You can’t go wrong with this combination of food, beer and live music.

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From the meandering paths at Tangled Garden that provide fresh ingredients for liqueurs, to North America’s first single malt whisky, to Pear Eau de Vie (with the pear in the bottle) - our Nova Scotia distilleries continue to push the envelope in creating quality distilled products with local ingredients.

Try samples on site, and then pick up a bottle to try your hand at a locally-inspired cocktail. Better yet, visit a local restaurant for a creation of your favourite spirits paired with our local seafood.

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Craft Ciders

Nova Scotia has long tradition of apple growing with some of the first apple trees planted being cider apple varieties. In recent years there has been a craft cider resurgence in province, with several producers in the province creating distinctive ciders. Not unlike wine, Nova Scotia’s craft ciders reflect the terroir of the region. Craft cideries offer visitors the opportunity to meet the cider makers, learn about unique apple varieties and sample the delicious products.

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