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Yarmouth & Acadian Shores Region

You know what they say…when you come to a fork in the road, take it. Yarmouth lies at the intersection of two founding cultures in Nova Scotia, and the seaport is a launching point for travels into French-speaking Acadie and English-speaking communities founded by settlers known as the Planters.

But before you head off, explore Yarmouth, home to the biggest fishing fleet in Atlantic Canada. Its hundreds of sea captain homes built between 1850 and 1900 stand as reminders of the wealth the ocean has long offered to those tough enough to ply the waters. And the best place to ponder that sea is the Cape Forchu lightstation – the views, picnic grounds and hiking trails earning it distinction as one of Canada’s greatest public spaces.

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Get to know the Yarmouth & Acadian Shore

The Acadian shore is home to communities with roots over 400 years deep, tiny villages in the shadows of lofty churches such as the Musée Église Sainte-Marie, the largest wooden church in North America. Though history hasn’t always been kind to them – the Acadians were caught between France and England as they fought for control over Atlantic Canada – it’s always interesting. 

Their identity is still very strong, and you can marinate yourself in the culture, traditions…and food. Rappie pie is a particularly unique dish, a traditional meal made from grated potatoes, meat and onions, sometimes topped with molasses. 

And at the end your day, burn off a few calories by dancing at an informal party called a ‘tyme’.

Great Photo Spots:

  • St. Bernard Church, Highway 1, St. Bernard
  • Sandford Drawbridge, 40 Ross Durkee Road, Sandford
  • Yarmouth Boardwalk, Yarmouth
  • Camp Cove Wharf, Camp Cove Road, Argyle (off highway 3)
  • Musee Eglise Sainte-Marie Museum, 1713 Highway 1, Church Point

Yarmouth & Acadian Shores Communities


Lighthouse route

Let the beam of a weathered lighthouse guide you to friendly refuge in rugged fishing villages and historic towns along Nova Scotia’s South Shore. This scenic travelway winds along the shoreline en route to Halifax. For a direct drive, opt for Highway 103 (303 km from Yarmouth).

Evangeline Trail

Travel with the spirit of Longfellow’s epic poem Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie, and discover centuries of heritage and perseverance in the Annapolis Valley. This picturesque drive provides easy access to wineries, breathtaking vistas, and unique topography, to name a few. For a direct drive, travel via Highway 101 (325 km from Yarmouth).