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Eastern Shore Region

Hang a frosty ten on the Eastern Shore, where surf’s up year round. The pounding waves at Lawrencetown and Martinique beaches are music to the ears of longboarders.

After playing in the chop, try playing in the sand – with miles of beaches and dunes, we’ve got you covered, sometimes literally. Re-awaken skills honed in childhood at the annual Clam Harbour Beach Sand Castle Competition although expect to see pirate ships, dinosaurs, and human-eating octopi among the sand forts.

Outdoor Adventures

Shake the sand off your beach chair and unfold it at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival. Held in the small fishing village of Canso, this musical smorgasbord offers an eclectic menu of Celtic, country, folk, blues, rock, and bluegrass music.

Some of our history is notoriously fascinating. In the early 20th century, during Prohibition in the U.S., rum running was a valuable cog in the local economy. In the dark of night under a moonless sky, kegs of rum were rolled across the beach from their hiding spots to waiting ships destined for America.

Whatever floats your boat, as we say around here.

Don’t Miss Experiences

Marine Drive

Marine Drive Trail Drive along a shore of white sand beaches and windswept villages, then explore the rugged coast by sea kayak, with seals and porpoises as travelling companions.


Eastern Shore Communities

Lawrencetown Sherbrooke


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