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With many tour operators offering Nova Scotia holiday packages to suit every interest, a holiday to this remarkable maritime province is closer than you think. Once you arrive, that's when the real fun starts. If you're a little hungry from the flight, you can take advantage of our renowned Nova Scotia cuisine (fresh seafood, local produce and award-winning wines). If you're a little tired, you could always relax on one of our many sandy beaches, truly the finest in Canada!

Once you've satisfied your craving for seafood and rest, you could always go on a Nova Scotia tour or embark on an outdoor adventure. Canada is the land of adventure, and Nova Scotia has it all. There's kayaking, cycling, golfing, surfing, hiking, camping and much more. Feel like a metropolitan adventure? Explore Halifax, a city full of great people, amazing restaurants, historic attractions, and vibrant nightlife. 

Of course, in order to experience Nova Scotia, you have to be in Nova Scotia. So don't wait until summer's over, book your holiday to Nova Scotia Canada today.