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As our neighbors to the south prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and us Canucks begin to prepare for our own holiday spreads once again - we bring you a holiday favorite around many dinner tables.

A true tradition in Nova Scotia and throughout North America - pumpkin pie is a favorite dessert in many homes during the holidays - taking its place at the forefront of the dinner table, the pumpkin pie comes under great scrutiny by all and is considered the essential component to the quintessential holiday meal.  This past Thanksgiving the Dutch Oven Cookbook brought a pumpkin pie throwdown (Bobby Flay Style) to the Johnson home - and a new dessert to the Young family's dinner table. 


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CBC's Land & Sea features Bay of Fundy!

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Well, I rarely make two blog posts with video content in a row but I just couldn't resist sharing this preview video of this Sunday's episode of CBC TV's Land & Sea. It features all about our beautiful Bay of Fundy and it airs nationally at noon on Nov 21.

There are some REALLY AWESOME transitions from high to low tide in this piece...even if you live here...this episode will make you fall in love with our Bay all over again!!

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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, 

everything is softer and more beautiful."

 ~ Norman Vincint Peale

The town of Shelburne welcomes you to come and spend a day or the whole weekend with them as they celebrate the Christmas season this year.  A full festive line up of events are on tap from November 25 - 28, beginning with the Phil Callen Senior High Basketball Classic which kicks off on Thursday night at 6PM at the High School.

Friday night, Jolly Ol' Santa comes to town with treat bags for the little ones.  The lights on the Christmas Tree will be lit while folks gather 'round for a Christmas Carol sing-along and a "mug up" of hot chocolate and cookies to keep you warm.  End your evening with some more great entertainment at the Osprey Arts Centre with our local basement theatre performance of Noel Coward's 1920's English comedy  "Hay Fever".

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From A Distance

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We are nearly four weeks back in Germany and still looking back to all the things that happened to us and we are missing all the friendly and nice people, friends - old and new, we have to leave in Nova Scotia. Sadly we could not take them with us.... but Nova Scotia starts with the people. This is one sentence out of my winning video and one that I used during many interviews while in Nova Scotia.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday! Discover Your Nova Scotia Roots Contest

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The O'Dell House Museum, Annapolis Royal

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I rose from bed thinking there would be a sunrise to photograph and that I'd best take advantage of it.  It was just after 6 a.m. and still dark as night outside.  I checked my laptop for sunrise times and was disappointed to learn it wouldn't happen until 7:50.  But it did give me enough time to shower and eat a snack before heading out.  I got outside and was again, disappointed, this time with the weather.  I remember thinking desperately, "How long can it rain?"  The sky seemed to teeter between heavy and light rain.

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Bay of Fundy Travel Show ~ Fundy Ferry episode!

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Although the Bay of Fundy is horseshoe-shaped lots of visitors and locals make a loop of it by taking the "Fundy ferry". It's a year-round 3-hr sailing between Digby, Nova Scotia, and Saint John, New Brunswick. Here's a sampling of the trip on our latest episode of the Bay of Fundy Travel Show.

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Halifax Seaport Market

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Wondering what this building is? Wonder no is our new Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market, a beautiful glass structure built to environmental standards and using solar, wind and geo-thermal power to operate. A massive 4,050 square metres, it was designed with the environment in mind. It is also located right on the water so you can watch all the boating activity on the harbour.

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Remembrance Day in Nova Scotia - Lest We Forget

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I am the daughter of a military man.  As such I have moved around all my life.  I have a few places I have learned to think of as home and feel very thankful to have them.  I'm proud of my dad.  We have made sacrifices, but no where near the sacrifices that I have seen some families make.  I remember times of war growing up, watching friends whose parents were going off to the Gulf and feeling their sadness.  I always felt lucky when my own father didn't have to go, and a little guilty at the same time. 

Now I have cousins who are in the military...cousins who have been deployed all over the world and I fear for them.  We have witnessed some horrifying events in recent years, brought on not only by war, but also by some natural disasters.  Each time our soldiers are there, making sacrifices, putting themselves on the line.

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Centre acadien de l'Université Sainte-Anne

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The weather still hadn't changed for the better by morning.  From the patio of my second floor room I could barely see the wharf through the fog and although the rain wasn't spilling, it was steady.   An older gentleman walking down Digby's Water Street suggested, "If you wanted good weather, you should have hung a rosary on your clothesline a few days ago."  At that point, I would have been willing to try anything.

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