The Letter of Marque And One Piece Of Silver

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The area now known as Liverpool, became a popular location for privateers ever since Champlain intercepted captain Rossignol engaging in fur-trade in early 17th century.

A Letter of Marque was the only thing differentiating a privateer and a pirate. The letter was authorization from the government allowing ships to cruise the seaways for enemy ships and to confiscate any prizes as payment.

Liverpool became a popular location to raid for American privateers during the American Revolution. It wasn't until the war of 1812 that the town had fortified itself and had its own fleet of privateers to defend & compete with larger ports such as Halifax.

Today, Privateer Days is a summer festival where costumed reenactments take place along the town streets of Liverpool.

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Beach Hike at Port Bickerton

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I absolutely love beach hikes. A beach, any beach, is a hike waiting to happen. Guysborough County has more than 500 kilometers of coastline with dozens of sandy or gravelly beaches. Many are readily accessible while a few are remote and seldom visited. One beach and coastal area that is easy to drive to is the Port Bickerton Lighthouse Interpretive Centre.

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Harbour Hoppin'

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Harbour Hopper driver Tom Munro and tour guide Dana Thompson
When I spoke to the Harbour Hopper tour guide before boarding the vehicle/vessel, she said she gets everyone to "ribbit" like a frog during the tour.
I thought she was kidding.

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Adventure at Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort in Cape Breton pt 2.

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Day 2 at Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort and it felt like we had been there for ages. This is the sort of place you can relax and let the stress flow away very quickly. We started the day with the breakfast bar although in the Bistro, cooked breakfasts are available. That's homemade granola :)

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Musquodoboit River - Whitewater Rollercoaster

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Rain in the forecast is not something most people would get excited about. If you're a whitewater kayaker here in Nova Scotia, Rain is good news, Rainfall warnings are cause for celebration. Most Nova Scotia rivers are only fun to paddle after significant rainfalls. Mid June we were treated to a Rainfall warning giving us four great days on the lower section of the Musquodoboit River.  The river was definitely at or near flood stage, when we arrived it was over 6ft higher then normal. This would be my first time every kayaking down a river. Luckily I was able to connect with experienced kayakerand local Dustin Barker of Atlantic Kayaker. He gave me a quick run down of what to do and then led me down the first run. The only way to describe it is amazing. 

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Hidden Adventures

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Five Islands Trail.JPG When I first started dating my boyfriend, and he told me about his geocaching hobby, I had heard of geocaching but really didn't know much about it. I'm not going to lie, I didn't really "get" it. Why would you want to go searching for hours for a container that has no treasure in it? Unless you consider a pen and notebook treasure (I don't). I mean, what is the POINT of finding an essentially empty container?

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Adventure at Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort in Cape Breton pt 1.

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Our day really started once we arrived in Cape Breton. These horses entertained us while we waited for the tiny Englishtown ferry. We were all happy to have some sun! Five dollars gets you across the water and cuts several miles off the route to Indian Brook and Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort where my daughter and I were headed.

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Beebop-a-reebop Rhubarb Pie!

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Rhubarb Custard Pie 1Rhubarb Custard Pie - Pies & Pastries, Pg. 200 - Jean C. Rafuse (Mrs. E. W.)

Anyone else get that little song stuck in their head whenever you're cooking with rhubarb?  Mama's little baby loves rhubarb rhubarb - bebop-a-reebop rhubarb pie!  Yeah-No?  Probably just Peter...

One of the first veggies of the harvest season in Nova Scotia is Rhubarb!  We're all over this celery-like tart vegetable. We recently loaded up during a trip to the Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market and began our rendezvous with rhubarb.  Top of our to-do list - rhubarb pie!

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Painting, Putters & A Donkey Named Donkey

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JoyLakingGallerySign.JPGMy son Jaden's end-of-the-year grade 2 class-trip included a visit to the Joy Laking Gallery near Bass River and a boat-load of fun at Hidden Hilltop Family Campground in Glenholme.  I was psyched to be a volunteer for this one!  Although the school is about 25 minutes away from our first stop at the gallery - I'll be felt a lot longer with 26 or so excited and vocal kids around me. 

Along the way I managed to take in the pastoral surroundings and views of the Minas Basin.  I am always quick to share that the Minas Basin is the part of the Bay of Fundy where the highest tides in the world actually occur.  At low tide the Basin can almost look completely someone pulled the plug - quite amazing!

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Cool-as-a-Cuke Salad

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Cucumber Salad - Old Lunenburg Dishes, Pg. 20 - Catherine M. Creighton (Mrs. H. A)

Thumbnail image for Cucumber Salad 1

Cucumber salad - a common fresh summer salad, is prepared in many different ways.  The Dutch Oven version of the cucumber is tied to Nova Scotia's German heritage, derived from the German version of the salad know as gurkensalat.

As we prepared for this blog, we learnt that people are passionate about their cucumber salad.  The popularity of cucumbers at our end of the world is really no surprise.  This hearty vegetable is plentiful in gardens around Nova Scotia and has a long growing season from June through September.  We like our cukes!  Well most of us anyway...the truth is...Peter's not a fan of the cucumber!  Jan however loves her cukes - she'll eat'em raw, sliced, diced, chopped or pickled (Peter also likes pickles, although not a fan of pickled peppers for obvious reasons).  In any case, differences have been put aside for the love of the Dutch Oven.  Cuke haters and lovers unite to bring you the people's beloved cucumber salad (gurkensalat).

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