Spring Whitewater Throwdown on the Medway

By johnsp, on Wed, 1 May 2013 | 0 Comments

The spring melt has arrived. Rivers all across Nova Scotia are peaking, so it's time to get on the river and have some fun!

Every spring Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia (CKNS), World Kayak and the Dalhousie Kayak Society team up to put on a Whitewater Throwdown on the medway river on the south shore of Nova Scotia. The event is open and free to any and all who want to attend. There are some boats and gear available to rent for a reasonable 15 dollars per day from the provincial recreational paddle society, CKNS, and plenty of spare gear to go around.


The day starts with a 2-3 hour beginners lesson on some of the calmer parts of the river for those who are interested. Everyone else can either hang out at any one of the awesome surf waves and practice for the main event, spend the time doing a river run, including a run (or two) of a small waterfall call Bear Falls.

In the afternoon, after everyone's recharged over lunch we head back out and the throw-down begins. Anyone who wants to enter can, you're given 2 runs of one minute each on the "perfect wave" located just above bangs falls. After everyone's had their turn there is usually a king-of-the-wave competition where everyone surfs onto the wave at the same time, and the last person remaining wins!